Block Decentral

Crypto VR group

We are the only known VR community for crypto and blockchain. We meet weekly to discuss different topics in the crypto space and bring people together in the space of new age technology.

Active community

We have an amazing community of people who are passonate about the crypto and blockchain space. Our most active source is our discord, where we have our giveaways, updates, and community discussions outside of VR

YouTube and more

I post videos on different topics in the crypto and blockchain space, and connect with project developers to do things like giveaways and promotions for projects that otherwise wouldn't be as known.

Who We Are.

 We are a place where your projects, dApps and others, can be hosted by the communities and discovered by all.

 We also run the first active VR Crypto and Blockchain VR group, formerly Crypto101VR. We have been doing weekly groups in Altspace for around three months. The group is welcome to everyone and teaches the basics of crypto and blockchain along with whatever discussion the group decides to bring for the week. We will now be featured in Oculus events, so hopefully we can get more people to start joining us in VR

No VR required

You don't even need VR to join us in Altspace, you can get the Altspace app on the Google play store and use it without VR. You can also download Altspace on PC and use it with or without VR. We also try to stream the group live on twitch, for those that still can't manage to get onto Altspace.

Earn with us for your activity

A huge part of this space is getting knowledge and experiences out from different people for the public to be able to look through and have an educated guess on the project, weather or not it's worth investing in. We just released our Community coin the other week, BD (BlockDecentral) coin. It is earned through particiapation in our community and submissions for our site from people. We want to show off your content, and you'll be rewarded for it. Use BD in our marketplace or trade it.

Giveaways and more

We do So much on our discord, such as giveaways, videos, tips and much more. We have an official Crypto esports clan coming out, so all community members can join in and play some crypto games with us and potentially profit. We also have A Token in the works that will be free for all community members and will be used for giveaways, redeeming them for crypto assets, and much more. 

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