Block Decentral Community Coin (BD)

Block Decentral is a community for everyone to come together for the main purpose of crypto and blockchain. A big part of what I wanted for our community is for people to get something for being with us, earning for their participation. I figured the best way to do that is with our own coin. I loved the idea from the Bad Crypto Podcast to have a coin for our group, something that people could just get without needing to pay for it, to let them know they were a member of that group officially and have something to show off. When I pitched the idea people didn't like the idea of a s**t coin type token with no value, and they wanted it to be worth something. 
 Marketing our coin and making money from it was and is never the plan for our community. We want it to be something people can join us and receive for just being a member of our group. Our site and community thrives off of the community and their posts and content so I figured what better use for our coin than to reward it to our members for their content. for your posts in our discord and reddit/social media, or any articles or other media you make for us to add to our site you'll be rewarded with our BlockDecentral coin (BD)
 Now to give value to the coin that you earn for your content, we have a marketplace set up with it. You can spend your BD on a select line of crypto assets and other various items. You can also submit crypto assets and coins to our marketplace, for BD, and if sold you will be paid with %100 of the selling amount of BD. 

Currently BD is not officially on any blockchain. We can put it on the blockchain at any time, but once we do there will be a gas fee for each transaction of BD, like with any other coin on the ethereum blockchain. So right now we just keep it in the built in wallet on hexel, where I made the coin. You can sign up for free and request some BD from us right from the home page to get 10 free and start earning by joining our community. All are welcome and we are always looking for more active people in the crypto space.