What if Bitcoin had legalized all drugs?

Good morning!

You have read the title and the best in what will follow, what you will realize that it is not putaclic.

At this moment in the Atlantic a debate is animating the cottages: can the blockchain save the cannabis industry ?
You are not unaware that some US states have legalized either medical cannabis or simply recreational use . Which brings a lot of solution  ... and problems . I'm not going to go into the "anti" or "pro" legalization debate here, let alone talk about cannabis just because, well, that would really hide the forest behind the plant and, above all, it's not the place to be. .

So, what is the link between Bitcoin and legalization of drugs ? If I tell you about Tor, Silk Road, Hansa Market, Alphabay ... do you think of something?
Purists will say "of course, 2013 was the time when Bitcoin was less than $ 1,200 !" (Ah, the good old days!).
And then there will be others. Users (e) s. Those who used Bitcoin to buy their drug safely (or almost) on the Dark Web . And at that time, that accounted for ... 90% of the network usage ! So we can clearly say that the primary use of Bitcoin was to buy drugs on the Dark Web after the successful test of the pizza .


I will speak here of this second category: users . Because before being a speculative tool for sharks with teeth scratching the floor or algorithms worth a few thousand or millions of dollars, it is a tool that can reduce a lot of risks associated with the purchase and use of drugs !
Between the votes for the sellers "legit", the description and origin of the product, the user feedbacks, the answers to the questions posed by new users, the Escrow system, the multi-sig ... Whatever anyone says , it is all securityprovided that bring a much higher confidence to the purchase in the trash room of the city of the corner.
And the points I quoted, is not itthe minimum requirement of any consumer wishing to purchase a product?

Until then, when I was talking about drugs, it was a bit of a prelude , I was talking about the best known: Cannabis, champottes, coke, MD, ecstasy, LSD, hero, amphetamines, etc. And then another type of market appeared. That of Research Chemicals (RC's) .
So we will play the game of differences so that you understand the subtlety:


The system of prohibition of drugs (we will remain on the French model, there are only traffic laws that are international) classifies the products according to their molecular structure . In this example, if we hack a little Ketamine molecule, we get Methoxetamine (MXE) which was not regulated when it was created (in 2010). In fact, it was legal ... until it was banned a few years later.
If you do a little research , you will realize that every year new RC's appear to override the law, making obsolete the prohibitionist system in place for 50 years.
Does buying an RC make the buyer a criminal? What about opioids prescribed in mass ?

I do not speak of Legal High that can be bought on the Clear Web, we are here to talk about crypto: 3

Now I think you have to understand why did I name this article like that?
Well, because today, it is speculation that accounts for 90% of the use of the Bitcoin network. So what ? And then in the days of Silk Road, the FBI-NSA-DEA had only to draw lots in addresses BTC to have at worst, a buyer, at best, a dealer.
In the time of Binance, they must start playing cat and mouse again and doing joint international operations to close the markets ... That push back a few days later, always more numerous and more clandestine . In less than 5 years we had a repeat encore 50 years of prohibition with the same effects and the same results.

So keep trading! What better camouflage than being melted in the mass? It would be crazy to put a flashing light on his head in jubilation saying "youhou look at my shipment is encrypted".

In conclusion:
- Since Cryptoland has no law as such
- Since Cryptoland is managed by its users
- Since it is extremely easy to get drugs through the Dark Web
- Because there are 120 "criminally visible" transactions per hour

I can easily claim that Bitcoin has legalized all drugs , in a form that no one has been able to predict.

Will the status quo continue?
I honestly do not think so. At best, the states / companies / communities that now have blockchain available to track all production + distribution will be able to effectively curb traffic and focus on the fight for the sale of weapon, organ and human.
At worst, I hope you will make a lot of profit by speculating to pay your taxes that will partly go ... in the fight against drugs and especially drug addicts!