Crypto Gaming from the team

We love free games. Do you ?

Released on Ethereum. RPG and Collectible style

Grind your enemies in this RPG 8 bit pixel art game !

Released on Ethereum and Tron. RPG and collectible.

Register to claim your free Chibi and start the adventures !

Released on Ethereum. Cute.

Send your Hedgies to a journey, come back with materials and build your house.

Released on Ethereum. RPG / PVP Style

0xWarriors is a random PvP game... choose your team, equip them and fight against other players !

Released on Ethereum. Trading Card Game.

Claim your free deck and go fight against other players !

Released on Ethereum (Loom). Strategy / RPG Style

Raise your army to protect your village !

Released on Steem. Idle / RPG style. 

Drugs, money and weapons.

More Coming Soon