Important news from us and other sources.

Block Decentral Community Project

We are making a game on the blockchain. We want this to be a completely decentralized game, starting with the creation. We want everyone to have a say in what kind of game this will become. As we go about making this game we will be learning coding and programming, everything from java to solidity. The goal of this is to help make the next generation of crypto developers while making something amazing in the process. All input is welcome and together we can make a game on the blockchain that will take this space to the next level

Gleam Giveaways

We are now doing giveaways with gleam. Now instead of needing to be part of our discord to enter to win everyone can get the chance for some crypto assets.

Block Decentral Crypto VR Enjin Badge

We finally got our hands on 200 lmited edition badges from Enjin for our Crypto VR group. The only way to get one is to participate in our Crypto VR group and message us your crypto wallet address.

Block Decentral on Twitch

We will now be streaming crypto gaming and other matters in the field on our twitch account, hopefully on a near daily basis, come check it out and join in some crypto giveaways and chat with the community

Partnership with DappVolume

Dapps, statistics, forums it's all here. dapp volume is the place to do to find links to the top dApps on the etherum blockchain, as well as statistics on them to help you decide weather or not to invest in them 

Partnership with Crypto Bit Games

Part of what we do here is trying to connect people together with crypto and spread the word of blockchain and crypto games to people, and with Crypto Bit Games as a partner that will be even easier. Amazing site with lots of content for many games in the crypto space. Hopefully we  will accomplish much together. 

Partnership with

After some time of work and effort I finally got to join us in our community and were even working out a partnership to help the growth of the crypto gaming community, come support and all thier hard work as well as joining our decentralized crypto community and help spread the good word of crypto.